Company Profile

Theorema provides fund management services for professional and sophisticated investors.

Theorema is an Alternative Asset Manager based in London, aiming to provide investors with long-term capital appreciation through fundamental research and bottom up stock picking in an established regulatory regime. Currently, Theorema manages the Plurima Theorema European Equity Long-Short Fund.

  • Theorema Advisors UK LLP manages the Plurima Theorema European Equity Long-Short Fund. Theorema Advisors UK LLP is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

The Theorema Group was founded by Emanuele Antonaci and Giovanni Govi in December 2000. Emanuele Antonaci left the company in March 2007 and the company is now owned by Giovanni Govi and his partners. Giovanni Govi is the CIO and manages the funds. In order to ensure the highest professional standards in asset management, operations and investor relations, we have built up a very strong investment and support team around us, now comprising of 9 people in London.

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UK Office


+44 20 7318 5330


+44 20 7318 5350

Email: For details about careers or marketing please visit the contact page.

Our Structure

Theorema Advisors UK LLP, based in the UK, currently manages the Plurima Theorema European Equity Long-Short Fund on behalf of Theorema Advisors Ltd.

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Our Philosophy

We endeavour to generate a high level of alpha, irrespective of the market environment, whilst maintaining a low level of volatility and continue to have a strong emphasis on capital preservation.

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Our Team

Theorema has a highly experienced team, led by Giovanni Govi, Founder and Chief Investment Officer. The team also includes two portfolio managers, three analysts, one trader, a risk manager, a CEO, a COO and two support staff.

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